Margit’s Note: No-Makeup Selfies, A Bikini Road-Test, Finding that Discontinued Lipstick

Pretty. Oh so Pretty.

If “beautiful” is a garden, “pretty” are those roses on the table in the midst of a cluttered apartment. It’s your niece wearing her hair back for the very first time. The extra swipe of flamingo-pink gloss. A delicate detail. But it’s also something unnecessary and extra — an adornment.

Even technology has taught us to prettify with Instagram filters; to give that twinkle of awesome that makes you notice our photo just a bit more.

This week we’re getting all dolled up — and we’re unadorning.

We’re talking about that Valencia filter we put on in the morning, called makeup (actually, I think mine is Nashville) and uncovering the bigger beautiful — our faces, our bodies, our unique flaws.

Our stories:

You look fetching, my dear.



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