Margit’s Note: Ooo la la Sasson

(Illustration by Kat Borosky/TueNight)

This week, as a prelude to New York’s Fashion Week, we’re all about Fads. Because as we know one week you’re in, the next you’re out, but sometimes, as a certain supermodel neglects to mention, you’re in again.

Speaking of being out, I spent the last week a lazy beach bum in Delaware and then a few days with the fam in Philadelphia. While there, I chatted with my sister about this week’s theme, and took notes for this column. We talked about tanning, manicures, Dippity Doo and the ever-changing waist height of jeans. And can skinny jeans please just go away.

But I forgot my notes. Unprovoked my mother found my notes and typed them to me in an email. I think they say it all — with a big [sic].

“You forgot your notes. Here are the ones I can read: White Shoulders, Lauren?, YSL, darker hair, Polo, fergies, acid, hair accessories, jellies , leather, Gap. Press on nails, QT tanning lotion, Calvin Klein, Jordache, Sergio Valenti, Gloria V, Hustle?”

And then she added her own thoughts:

“Is the ice bucket thing a fad? What is a fad? In the 1920s people swallowed goldfish. Dirty white bucks in the ‘50s.

Awfully quiet here.



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