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Margit’s Note: Peccadilloes, Proclivities and Persuasions…

We all have our quirky vice.

This week we’re talking about those things you love, crave and are a little — or a lot — naughty. That social cigarette, the daily 24 oz. of coffee you consume (minus the paper cup of course — fist bump to Climate March!), still (still) getting sucked into every season of The Real World, the Nutella you can’t stop eating, because, well, spoon. And a few of us have vices that aren’t so obvious….


  • Of course there’s a magazine, tv show and website called Vice. One of our recent favorites from them is a powerful, frightening and well-reported piece by Allison Yarrow about fake abortion clinics that are storming America.
  • Whether or not you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week, you might want to reflect, renew and check out 10Q — answer 10 life questions over 10 days, open a year later and repeat. Cathartic.
  • And, finally, Blondie turns 40. (A penchant for peroxide, that’s a vice, for sure).

Keep on eating cars,


p.s. Tell Us Below: What is your secret, special vice…

(Illustration: Mike Licht/Flickr)


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