Margit’s Note: Peccadilloes, Proclivities and Persuasions…

We all have our quirky vice.

This week we’re talking about those things you love, crave and are a little — or a lot — naughty. That social cigarette, the daily 24 oz. of coffee you consume (minus the paper cup of course — fist bump to Climate March!), still (still) getting sucked into every season of The Real World, the Nutella you can’t stop eating, because, well, spoon. And a few of us have vices that aren’t so obvious….


  • Of course there’s a magazine, tv show and website called Vice. One of our recent favorites from them is a powerful, frightening and well-reported piece by Allison Yarrow about fake abortion clinics that are storming America.
  • Whether or not you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week, you might want to reflect, renew and check out 10Q — answer 10 life questions over 10 days, open a year later and repeat. Cathartic.
  • And, finally, Blondie turns 40. (A penchant for peroxide, that’s a vice, for sure).

Keep on eating cars,


p.s. Tell Us Below: What is your secret, special vice…

(Illustration: Mike Licht/Flickr)

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  1. Wendy Goldman Scherer

    I eat cold leftover pasta straight out of the fridge. There, I said it.

  2. Susan_Linney

    Right now I’m half broke as a result of ordering meals via That thing is like crack —I was instantly hooked. A meal from your favorite restaurant delivered right to your door in minutes? Automatically billed to your credit card so you don’t have to think about what you are spending? Yes please! I’m very full but in credit card debt.

  3. AdriannaDufay

    I read the newspaper on my phone while I’m cuddling with my kids in the morning. I know I could be paying more attention them, but I don’t care. I pay attention to them all day, and I don’t have all day to read the paper.

  4. AdriannaDufay

    Hey, I do this too!

  5. Laura Lailley

    I cannot flush a public toilet with my hands. I have to use my foot. I have been criticized by my co-workers because they don’t want to touch what has been on the bottom of my shoe…yet how can anything be WORSE than what is on the toilet flusher handle? This may not be a vice as much as a neurosis…

  6. MargitDetweiler

    @Laura Lailley Don’t we ALL do this?

  7. MargitDetweiler

    Ok new Vice: BjornQorn. Holy cow this stuff is addictive:

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  9. Laura Lailley

    MargitDetweiler I thought so, but the pushback on me was deafening. Then the Today Show did a piece on it and the consensus was flushing with your foot is rude. (I still do it.)


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