Margit’s Note: Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

(Graphic: Nancy Gonzalez/

Some of the best stories reveal an author’s most private moments. A love affair, a devastating ordeal, a sliver of a feeling about the world. Those things we might keep hush hush, but the author is willing to reveal — and when they do, we all nod in agreement. That’s great storytelling.

Personally, when my words are cloaked (and controlled) in prose, sharing is just fine — but when it comes to social media, hell, I overthink every single vacation snap. Of course, some of us take those private moments and broadcast them, no holds barred, in seven social feeds, sharing every blink our babies made, or every crock pot concoction we’ve ever conceived. Privacy is in the eye of the beholder and, as a generation who got “social” later in life, we don’t often agree when it is ok to reveal.

This week we’re wondering:  Where do we draw the line?

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