Margit’s Note: Sharing is Caring

“Sharing is caring!”

My college dorm neighbor used to say that all the time — usually with the goal of bumming a cigarette from my roommate. (Or a funny cigarette.)

These days, we live in a world where “sharing” has taken on new meaning; tinged with concerns of privacy or projects for a collective benefit. On a daily, if not minute by minute basis, we share our favorite news stories, baby photos, cat videos, and bizarrely niche Buzzfeed quizzes (“Which Willy Wonka Character Are You?” — I am Violet Beauregarde, obvs.) But we’re also sharing resources to get a great deal — our cars, our clothes and our homes as hotels.

As we share, are we communicating more effectively? Being good to our fellow humans? That’s the question this week as we tackle stories of sharing — and oversharing.

Don’t bogart that joint.



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