Margit’s Note: Swipe for a Mate

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I met my husband on a website. Yes I did.

There he was, “Midnight_Train00,” photographed at someone’s wedding, shielded in cool-guy sunglasses and busting a move. Initially I worried that “Midnight Train” was some sort of drug reference, completely missing the Gladys Knight, Georgia nod — where he went to school and lived for a spell.

One must be prudent when selecting a mate.

Now knowing the real person, that postured profile shot couldn’t be further from the man I know and love, and it’s amazing that I actually, ahem, “bookmarked” him ( parlance).

Somehow, after meeting men all the regular ways — at work, in college, while pumping away on a hip abductor — I met the love of my life online.

In the beginning I’d joke that we’d met in France, by the Seine, over a glass of wine and a baguette. The idea that I shopped for him from a webpage seemed spurious.

But we found each other, and it doesn’t matter how.

Now, of course, online dating is the way 90% of my single friends date. And I’ve developed a little bit of Tinder FOMO. Just a little. I pride myself on being up on the latest apps, so I feel a little left in the cold around swipey-lingo and the functionality of it all.

This week we’re finding, re-finding (or not looking at all) love a little later in life; an experience quite a bit different than say, your teens and 20s. As our oft contributor Stacy Morrison told me, “My favorite thing about dating at this age? Men want to talk as much as they want to have sex and I want to have sex as much as I want to talk.”

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