Margit’s Note: Take a Bite

Chewy, juicy, sour, sweet, spicy, yum.

This week we’re smacking our lips, sharing our recipes and unveiling a brand new column — “Tasty Life,” by former Washington Post food columnist and cookbook author, Kim O’Donnel. Kim will be sharing delicious recipes with a dash of life and memories mixed in — the way most of us think about food.

Like that chocolate marshmallow ice cream cone that fell to the ground when I was six. A calf (yes, a calf) at Merrymead Farms mooed and scared the bejeezus out of me; I jumped, and splat. Cone down. And yes, I am now quite a-feared of cows; and I covet chocolate marshmallow anything.

Adrianna has a less scary, more lovely moment — with squid. For her, the taste and smell of calamari is “like summer and lavender and the Adriatic ocean.” The first bite sends her back to her honeymoon in Croatia. “It tastes like kissing my new husband.”

Susan says a bite of an ice cream sandwich soothes. “They stopped me from crying as a kid. My dad snuck them to me.”

And the crisp tang of lemon ice — our theme image this week — might remind us all of a week in June that we call Tasty.

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