Margit’s Note: Thank You, I’ll Have Another

I am a binger. Not in a dangerously unhealthy way. (Well, that’s debatable.) But if it can be done in handfuls, consecutive viewings or multiple purchases, I’m a sucker.

Shades of lipstick. Back-to-back episodes of Orphan Black (although this season, shark=jumped.) Dozens of delightful Swedish fish…

I’m working on that last one.

Why do we do it? Perhaps that joyous feeling of naughty line-crossing. Perhaps because we’re masking another emotion, or it’s a lack of mindfulness. We overspend and overindulge. Serving size says three will suffice. An episode is 54 minutes, not 324. Really, do I need Saboteur, Tangerine and Riviera red?

When we binge, we’re in control. Time stops, we tune out our better judgment and see how far our endurance can take us. And with television shows, when we watch long enough, it’s like we’ve immersed ourselves into another world — proceed with caution.

A decade+ after HBO’s Oz ended, I decided to spend a weekend and part of the week watching back-to-back episodes. I strongly advise against this. You’ll find yourself daydreaming about what would make a good shiv.

There’s some evidence that binge-watching may be a thing of the past. To be honest, I’ve been policing my OITNB viewing because I just don’t want it to end. (Plus, who has time??)

But this week, we stay too long at the party:

** Also, a quick note about our last Talk TueNight: We have PHOTOS! Enjoy ’em, spot yourself and stay tuned for our next fabulous event.

I can’t quit you,



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