Margit’s Note: What We Leave Behind

As we get older, there’s more and more we leave behind. Or we packrat it up in a plastic bin and try to hold on. But with people, places — and even hair, pets and phones — we know there will always come a time to let go.

This Week:


TueNight Talks: If you’d like a little behind-the-scenes on this here site, I’ll be speaking at the Indie Media Camp in Brooklyn tomorrow (November 19) in a talk entitled, “I Started a Site Last Year and This Is How It’s Going.” Yep, pretty self-explanatory — should be lots of fun. Also at the conference will be Fusion’s Dodai Stewart, Medium editor-in-chief Kate Lee, Gothamist’s Jake Dobkin and many others. If you’d like to come, TueNight readers can get early-bird pricing ($99) through the day of the event by entering the code “TueNight”  Here’s the invite page.



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