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Margit’s Note: Whisper Down the Lane

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Ah those juicy tidbits said in whispers, protected by a cupped hand — that are very rarely charitable.

Honey, if you don’t have something nice to say… come sit next to me.

We all gossip. Because it’s delicious, it’s naughty, it’s informative, it’s sometimes quite hurtful. A unique brand of storytelling, gossip doesn’t require us to know any more than the story that’s being told.

Embellishments welcome.

Is it always bad? Is gossip fundamental to being human? I don’t know, but did you hear the one about the historic blizzard that was supposed to shut down New York City? Gossip isn’t always accurate. (Ok that was more hyperbole than gossip.)

And while we assume “the hens in the yard” are the chief chattering culprits, a few studies have suggested men are more likely to gossip.

So there.

Here’s this week’s hearsay:

Secretly (not!),


Psst!: In high school I wrote an un-bylined column (now you know!) called “The Springside Observer” for our school newspaper, which was appropriately dubbed The Tatler. It was full of school gossip and boy-crazy insights. I’ve since improved my spelling, but the rest? See for yourself!

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