Margit’s Note: Your Kiss Is On My List

  1. Buy paper towels.
  2. Send this post to best friend who should totally be reading TueNight.
  3. Read local voters guides to prep for important November 4 midterm election.
  4. Buy Ruby Jon apples and Concord grapes cause they’re in season and yummy. (Thanks for the tip Kim O).
  5. Plan Halloween costume. Sexy lobster? Better than this.
  6. Go sob in yoga class.
  7. Read Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham so not stuck with nothing to say at work drinks.
  8. Pour a glass of wine, submit photo of most recent meltdown to reasonsmysoniscrying.
  9. NSFW version: Pour a glass of wine, look at the 15 Best High Heels for Your Penis. Because you need to know.
  10. Buy TueNight book as stocking stuffer for your sister.
  11. Don’t do anything until October 25 when Mercury is out of retrograde. For now, just make lists. 🙂

This week, we list it out:

Go forth and enumerate,


p.s. We can’t resist:

(Graphic: Kat Borosky/TueNight)

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