How to Break Up with Your Friends – with Author Erin Falconer, 3/29

Friendships can be the source of so much joy and support but over time, friends may drift apart for one reason or another. Also, Covid — right? The pandemic has made many of us reevaluate those we want close to us and those we don’t. In How to Break Up with Your Friends, author and psychotherapist Erin Falconer shows us how to navigate and nurture friendships that are meaningful and let go of those that aren’t. It’s a great book and we’re excited to talk to Erin!

Join us March 29th as Margit chats with Erin about cultivating deep friendships, setting boundaries and, as the title implies, bidding adieu. This is a free event and will be hosted on crowdcast here.

About Erin

Erin Falconer is an author, digital entrepreneur and associate psychotherapist. Erin released “How To Break-Up With Your Friends” in January 2022. In 2018, she released the critically acclaimed self-improvement/female empowerment book, How To Get Shit Done: Why Women Need To Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything. 

She has been the editor-in-chief and co-owner of PickTheBrain since 2008. In 2017, Erin launched the PickTheBrain Podcast which ranks consistently in the top 20 in the Heath and Self-Improvement categories on iTunes and in 2019 was featured on the iTunes homepage, twice. Forbes Magazine named Falconer’s blog one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Sites for Women.” Erin is also the co-founder of LEAFtv a video lifestyle brand for the Millennial woman. In 2015, LEAFtv was sold to publicly traded Demand Media – now trading as The Leaf Group.

Erin has been heralded as one of the most influential female voices online, designated one of the Top Digital Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles by LA Confidential Magazine as well as being honored by Cadillac & Refinery 29 as one of “Top 7 Women Changing the Digital Landscape for Good.” In 2014, The Wall Street Journal included Erin in their prestigious “Women of Note.” In 2018 she was recognized as an “Architect of Change,” by Maria Shriver. 

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