Let’s Talk About Grief — with Author Issa Mas, 2/28

Whether you’re working through your own loss or supporting someone else, grief can be messy, lonely — and confusing. As our guest Issa Mas notes, grief certainly isn’t what Hollywood makes it out to be, with tidy resolutions.

Join us Feb 28th as Margit chats with author Issa Mas about all things grief through humor, vulnerability, and, as she puts it, “a subtly Buddhist framework.” Join us on Crowdcast here.

Issa’s new book, Grief Thoughts: Brief Anecdotes About Profound Loss, seeks to share the ways in which grieving (while excruciating), can bring profound emotional and psychological realizations, familial insights, and ultimately, personal growth, even when the process is messy.

Issa M. Mas is an author, essayist, and the voice behind the now-defunct award-winning single motherhood blog, Single Mama NYC. You can find her essays in TueNight, Romper, and Raising Mothers, among other literary publications. Issa lives in New York City with her 14-year-old son, Theodore, and their dog, Jake. As a 20-year practicing Buddhist she brings a wealth of wisdom and lovingkindness to the lives of others, but as an over 40-year native New Yorker her prolific use of profanity will never end. You can find her sporadically-posted thoughts at www.issamas.com.

This is a free event. Join us on Crowdcast here.

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