The TueNIght Crew and storytellers for the Pay Me issue of TueNight

Recap: Photos from “Pay Me: Stories of Gen-X Women, Ageism & Equity”

This was our first edition of TueNight Live since the “before times” and it was SO good. We saw — and hugged — some of you in person (fully-vaxxed, of course) and many of you on the livestream. Five storytellers, and members of the audience, shared their own insights on pay, ageism and equity. Big thanks to Disrupt Aging from AARP for recognizing the importance of this topic and sponsoring this event.

Over wine and bites and views of our girl, The Statue of Liberty, it was a splendid reunion after 18+ months apart. Here are a few snaps:

TueNight founder, Margit Detweiler and TueNight event producer Adrianna Dufay welcomed everyone.
We convened at the gorgeous SaksWorks space inside Brookfield Place ..resplendent with ferns and fronds it’s a stunning space! 
two women in coats smiling and posing for camera
Guests arrive bundled before we things kick off
Storyteller Tracey Lynn Lloyd and Margit Detweiler catch up
Christina Blacken, Shoshanna Hecht and Rachel Sklar grab a long overdue selfie
A spot to grab a few chocolate coins (we did say “Pay Me”), a program and sanitizer, of course 
Stormy Perez and Marie-France Han enjoying chocolate coins … who doesn’t?!
Abby West, Marie-France Han, Margit Detweiler, Robin Marshall and Adrianna Dufay happy to be together
Rachel Sklar, Abby West and Marcelle Karp do a little pre-storytelling power warm up
Ready to dig in on Gen-x equity and agism 
Margit Detweiler sets the tone for the evening, thanks SaksWorks and introduces the storytelling lineup 
Nicole Kalhorn from SaksWorks shares a bit about the space and their focus on democratizing the tools for wellbeing in beautiful ways. 
TueNight producer, Adrianna Dufay, opens by reading a piece about unpaid labor of women written by author, Jo Piazza, who was unable to attend in person.
Abby West read a piece about asking for more in a job offer negotiation and knowing your own worth.
Tracey Lynn Lloyd explained how she learned to borrow the confidence of a “Mediocre White Man” during an interview and wage negotiation. 
We took a break to chat and refill our glasses.
ivestream guests online got to break with our spotify PAY ME playlist featuring (of course) Destiny’s Child “Bills Bills Bills” and ABBA “Money, Money, Money”
Marie-France Han and Tanzina Vega catch up 
During break we took a minute to fill out our answers to a few thoughts on ageism and equity
Filling out thoughts on the prompts 
Robin Gelfenbien read her prompt after the break and had a great reminder that Good things ARE coming. 
Brooke Stachyra talked about finding employment as a Gen-Xer without settling on pay or lifestyle.
Stormy Perez shared her thoughts on “No one would say ___” to a man my age. (you guessed it… no one is asking them about marriage and kids!)
Lynn Harris (who also voted!) chimed in about her experience with people commenting on “her project” rather than qualifying it as a career and valuable community she’s built with GOLD Comedy. 
Marcelle Karp read her piece about ageism and planning for “what’s next”
Last but not least, we heard from Tanzina Vega about making decisions through the lens of wealth or what that looked like — how it affected her choices, work and what she’s paid. 
What a great lineup for our first LIVE event back. Adrianna Dufy, Abby West, Tanzina Vega, Marcelle Karp, Margit Detweiler and Tracey Lynn Llyod
Hugs on the way out
Can’t forget about the coolest new addition, our neon sign! 
Night, Lady Liberty!

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