Recap: TueNight Live: Photos from SECRET

All photos by Erika Hokanson.

Shh… Sometimes our stories are for select ears only. But for this Spring edition of TueNight Live we were ready to reveal our most clandestine tales. Our theme was “Secret” and we had six readers tell all.

As part of the Invisible Dog Art Center’s Open Studios week, we were proud to pack the house with more than 100 “grown-ass women” and feature artwork by many of the ID’s women artists.

Here are some fabulous photos from the evening’s festivities.

MIngling before the show.

With wine and snacks in hand and friends met, we were ready to start.

Margit starts the evening

Margit kicks us off.

Hitha Herzog reveals she is a closet conservative

Hitha Hertzog disclosed the first secret of the night: as a closet conservative, she was reconsidering her loyalties.

Alison Mazer searches for the perfect red lipstick

Alison Mazer detailed her quest to find a discontinued lipstick:.

People in the audience laugh

Bringing joy to the audience.

Stephanie Ghenkin describes her financial planning

Financial planner and sponsor Stephanie Genkin, CFP®, also known My Financial Planner, introduced our next secret reader. Thank you Stehanie!

Diane di Costanzo talks about the importance of discussing money

Diane di Costanzo talked about our financial lives and the significance of talking about them — reclaiming the power we can harness when we tell our money secrets.

And then we took a break to refresh.

Thank you to sponsor Hint Water for supplying tasty, healthy water.

Sponsor June provided a CBD bar table! With edible drops and facial oils.

So soothing.

Thank you to sponsor Stephanie Genkin for the wine. Below are more party shots!

Over the break, we deposited our own secrets in a fancy bowl. And when we came back took turns reading them anonymously. It was hilarious.

Ada Calhoun reads her essay about NOT being a high school outcast

Then to Ada Calhoun, reminding us that not everyone in high school was an outcast.

Joanna Briley talks about finding out her dad wasn't her biological father

Comedienne Joanna Briley cracked us up with her serious origin story.

Mary Lee Kortes reads from her book Dreaming of Dylan

Mary Lee Kortes read from her delightful book, Dreaming of Dylan.

Mary Lee Kortes sings and plays the guitar

And we were lucky enough to get a song as well, “Dreaming of Him”.

As always, an invigorating, engaging night.

All of the readers for the night and the TueNight Crew are in one photo

From all of us to all of you — thank you for coming and we’ll see you next time!

A special thank you to artists Divya Gadangi, Maya Sariahmed, Anne Mourier, Hayley Nichols, Vanessa Belli, Jennifer Hoffman-Williamson, Hannah Coleman, and Sarah Palmer.

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