Food & Health: Women Who Inspire Us


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Naomi Starkman

By Kim O’Donnel

“She dishes up a daily serving of news and commentary to help the rest of us make sense of how our food is grown, raised and politicized.”…

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Pati Jinich


By Letisha Marrero

“This Latina mother of three boys had the cojones to switch careers mid-life, pursue her passion doggedly, all the while making people pine for her culinary creations.”…

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Alex Raij


By Dori Fern

“Her favorite part about being a well-seasoned chef is that she has become a better teacher and mentor to her staff: ‘The older you get, the more you realize you need help.'”…

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Dr. Deborah Cohen


By Suzanne Rust

“Who stages a dance party before they’re scheduled for a double mastectomy? Dr. Deborah Cohan had the whole operating room laughing and shaking it to Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” before her surgery.”…

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Celeste Corcoran


By Margit Detweiler

“You wonder what you would do when faced with a similar, instantaneous tragedy. Would you give up? Or, like Celeste, would you muster every ounce of chutzpah to fight on?”…

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Joyce Pinson


By Kim O’Donnel

“Pedigrees and celeb connections be damned; Pinson bulldozes her way to the table and demands (politely, ‘natch) a moment of your time so she can tell you a story about  her paw paws, the pickled purslane she just pulled up, or why the ramp is a weed worth saving”…

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