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Not shown: Our 35-year-old bottles of Tea Rose. Which we still have.

From Tea Rose to Olo: Scents I Love

Covid has made me acutely aware of how much I value my sense of smell. Its possible loss is the long-haul side effect that I think about most, and one of the myriad reasons I got vaccinated as soon as I could. 

This spring I’ve been burying my face in clusters of lilacs, visiting the botanic garden as often as I can, and even going out of my way to visit an ambrosial wisteria blooming a block away.

And now that I’m going out more, fragrance, and lipstick(!) are both back in rotation. 

When I had a brick and mortar location (RIP to another Covid casualty) one of the fragrance collections I always stocked was Olo, handmade in small batches by Heather Sielaff in Portland Oregon. 

As a friend recently said, I’m a serial monogamist when it comes to scent (insert Gen-X digression here to acknowledge my early loyalty to Tea Rose, Rain, and some weird cucumber oil from the original Body Shop in my ’80s youth.)

Heather’s essential oil blends, with a coconut oil base, are my favorites. I’m thrilled to be dabbing them on again.

Dark Wave, a rich blend of cardamom, vetiver, and wood, and Nationale 6/7 with notes of jasmine, lemon, rose, and sandalwood are the two I wear most, and sometimes layered together. 

Whether it’s Olo or something else, doesn’t it feel good to breathe in the spring, and wear scents again?

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