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6 Awesome Gen X Creators to Follow on TikTok

By Margit Detweiler

It started out as a way for me to keep tabs on what my nieces and nephew were up to. But then, a few line-dancing ER doctors and @tikatheiggys later I was hooked into the scrolling good time. As someone said somewhere, in the endless effort to explain What TikTok Means, ‘While a lot of social media ends up making you annoyed with your friends, TikTok is a place to find joy with strangers.’

Although I follow TikTokers of all stripes and ages, there are many MANY Gen Xers on the app dancing, dueting, and bringing the love. So to mark the kickoff of Next for X, here are a few of my Gen X favorites:

  1. Wayne Brady @WayneBrady

It takes a village! Being on the same page is how you do it! It’s not easy y’all but it’s worth it! @mandietaketa @mr.jfordham #coparenting

♬ Ella Mai – My Way – sabinahannan

The multi-talented Brady started TikToking during the pandemic, and what makes his channel cool is he’s usually dance-challenging with his blended family, which includes his daughter, ex-wife and her current partner. Just a pleasing make-the-best-of-a-pandemic situation with sick moves.

  1. Corrbette Pasko @Corrbette

Hey GenX, we’re handling this ok. (Even when we’re not ok)

♬ original sound – Corrbette Pasko

Comedian Pasko takes Gen X head-on in her hilarious commentary about pay phones, ’80s jingles that plague her life, and even our generation’s obsession with things being haunted, So true BOO!

  1. Marie Moring @TheMoringBunch

Marie brings pure, unabashed joy when she recreates ‘80s and ’90s dance moves with her  family, friends and her Gen Z and Millennial kids. Her line dance tutorials are high entertainment. A finance expert by trade, Marie shows that you can run the numbers and bust a move.

  1. Mary Kate Moulton  @marykatemoulton

Mary Kate is more of a Boomer, but she doles out well-earned words of wisdom and dark bits of Gen-X-approved sarcasm. Her patrician garb, topped by pearls and Cavalier King Charles spaniels at her side, make it all the more delicious.

  1. Jack Black @JackBlack

You either love him or find him annoying — I’m in the former camp (2008’s Kung Fu Panda sealed the deal). On the Tock, the actor and Tenacious D singer is entirely goofy, absurd, and often shirtless. His WAP dance is one for the ages — and has earned more than 5mm views..

  1. The Go-Go’s @thegogosofficial

Watch Jane Wiedlin strum acoustic or Belinda take us to heaven (which is a place on earth btw). Not sure if this one is just to promote their new album or documentary or a long-standing account. Either way it’s nostalgic fun from the 50-something rockers.

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  1. Beth Heller

    I’m still in the “what the heck is Tik Tok” phase of acceptance of the platform. But there is one account I follow: @NYCGayDad. Jose Rolon is a Dad, father of three, from my son’s former elementary school. He’s a widowed, Gay, Puerto Rican, Wedding Planner His posts with his kids are as heart-warming as they are hilarious. His family demonstrates that love is love and tackles many stereotypes surrounding Gay parenthood. For example, Gay Dad watching football vs. Straight Dad watching football. His posts have kept me sane during the pandemic and I have the added bonus of knowing him personally. So I KNOW he is broadcasting his truth. LOVE him.

  2. Valerie Yoder

    Thank you for finding content that I enjoy – I don’t have the patience to weed through all that other annoying stuff. Quarantine Queen by Jane Wiedlin was great!


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