Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee can become a big part of your life when you quit drinking. It certainly has for me and many of my sober friends. Surely you, too, have coffee lovers in your life. Here, I’ve rounded up some snazzy gifts for them, from a monogrammed mug to an amazing body scrub to a fancy-schmancy French press, there’s no shortage of goods for the caffeine-inclined.

1. Death Wish Coffee

For the seriously addicted. Behold: the world’s strongest coffee.


Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee (Photo: Courtesy

2. Monogrammed Travel Mug

This sturdy, stainless steel mug is perfect for those who take their coffee on the road. The monogrammed top adds a nice personalized touch.


Monogrammed Mug
Monogrammed Travel Mug (Photo: Courtesy

3. Starbucks Home for the Holidays Gift Basket

Give that Starbucks-obsessed best friend a huge holiday treat with three blends that can be enjoyed at home. It’s also packed with gingerbread biscotti, a caramel wafer, hot cocoa and more.


Starbucks Gift Box
Starbucks Gift Box (Photo: Courtesy

4. The World’s Finest Collection of Coffee Beverages Poster

A really cool poster that’s perfect for the kitchen (it includes quick recipes!).


Coffee Beverages Poster
Poster of Coffee Beverages (Photo: Courtesy

5. Cool Beans Cube Ice Tray

This is ingenious and it makes a great stocking stuffer. Fill this ice tray with cooled-down coffee. When you add the cubes to your icy brew, these cubes will just add to the flavor, instead of watering it down while they melt!


Cool Beans Coffee Ice Cubes
Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray (Photo: Courtesy

6. Bodum Eileen French Press Coffee Maker

This super stylish French press looks great in any kitchen and makes a mean cup of Joe.


French Press
Bodum Eileen French Press (Photo: Courtesy

7. Fig + Yarrow Cardamom & Coffee Body Scrub

A heavy-duty scrub that exfoliates and softens with a blend of organic coffee beans, cane sugar, cocoa, Shea butter and essentials oils. The smell is divine.


Fig and Yarrow Coffee Body Scrub
(Photo: Courtesy

8. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Give that sweet tooth on your list a delicious chocolate fix. But be careful—I once mindlessly indulged in too many of these and I was caffeinated through the roof!


Espresso Beans
Dark Chocolate + Espresso Beans (Photo: Courtesy

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