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Gifts Under $35 for Secret Santas & Yankee Swaps

Every year I do a Secret Santa and every year, I am boring. I always go the gift card route. This year, I have decided to try something different: Be creative. I’ve been on the look out for cute but unusual presents. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays” like a gift that proves that you’re thinking of the recipient — and that you can be fun with a side of quirky for less than $35.


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1. USB Cassette Mixtape 

Perhaps the mixtape isn’t a thing of the past. Milktape’s version allows the owner to drag and drop songs to a USB drive, which is in the shape of a tape.



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2. Groove iPhone Stand

Help a friend or a colleague keep his iPhone in plain sight with this stand.



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3. Cool, Calm and Connected Bento Box

Packing a lunch can be a chore. This bento box makes it fun again.



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4. Retro Nintendo Controller Soap

Be nostalgic and play Mario while in the shower.



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5. Snackeez

I’ve seen one of these in action. You put munchies in the top, a beverage in the bottom. No lie, I kind of want one of my own. Help a friend take their snacking to a new level.



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6. Harry Potter House Logo Flask 

You can decide if your friends and colleagues are more Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Let the recipient choose the beverage.



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7. Sea for Two Tea Infuser

Put a smile on the face of the tea drinker in your life with the help of this adorable manatee tea infuser. His name is Fred, by the way.



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8. The Fox and the Sound Earbuds

Tell your coworker to keep his or her music down in an adorable way.



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9. Star Wars Themed Shot Glasses

A set of four shot glasses for your favorite geek.

$33 for set of 4,


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10. Hand-Lettered Greeting Notecards

Nice, quality notecards are always needed and appreciated.


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