Margit’s Note: Hey, Let’s Take a Trip!

I’m hearing that Jonathan Richman song, “Let’s Take a Trip.” He rocks out, “I’ve got my jeans and things and I’m ready to go.” The idea of quickly packing up the essentials, hopping in the car, and meandering into the unknown. Can we leave, like now?

Sure, most of us are travelling out of familial love and duty this time of year, but we can also plan and dream for a different trip sometime next year. A hut on Vanuatu. A corner of sand on Coney Island. I’m not picky.

This week, in addition to serving up some brand-new stories, we’re highlighting several of our Second-Time Travel pieces, as well. You know, those places you may have been once? We track down the secret alleys and hidden gems to see the second time around. It’s an insider’s guide of sorts. (And if you’d like to write one of these for us, pitch us at!)

So let’s go go go…

See you on the road…


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