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How Turning on My Inner Hippie Witch Has Helped Me Through Menopause

This essay is sponsored by MIGHTY Menopause.

Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t really thought about my vulva. In fact, I’d probably only seen it in an anatomical drawing decades ago, when I was in highschool or college. When I thought about the area, I used the word “labia” and that was that.

When I was 47, I started to experience some peculiar pain. I was having this soreness that I could only describe as around “there.” Not “in there” but “around there” and only on the outside. I was perplexed. It persisted and started to intensify. 

Over the years, I’ve become adept at knowing the difference between ovulation pain, menstrual cramps, UTIs, vaginal itching, upper abdominal pain (like nausea) and lower abdominal pain (like diarrhea). I also know when my cervix drops.

In fact, I would argue that all women are adept at knowing all types of pain. And they know the difference. But when it comes to the pain during perimenopause, often we don’t know. This symptom threw me for a loop.

For this strange new pain, I went to see my gynecologist. Insert the all-too-common-but-bullshit experience that all women have: the gyno had nothing to offer, dismissed me with the broad stroke of “it’s probably menopause” and implied that I’d just have to suffer through it. I left the appointment frustrated, angry and no better than when I arrived. The pain continued to intensify and I wrote a desperate email to the gynecologist practically pleading for  help. 

The reply was such utter crap that I almost threw my laptop out the window. What happened next was  the moment that many women know so well. The screw-it-I-am-just-gonna-figure-this-out-myself moment.  

And I got to work.

After countless hours of digging through the disparate corners of the interwebs, I discovered what was happening: low progesterone levels were at the root of my vulva pain. I also discovered a whole world of traditional plant medicine used by cultures around the world for centuries. Specifically, I found Chasteberry. I tried it. In two weeks, my symptoms resolved. 

What I also discovered was that reliable information was nearly impossible to find, that women are so under-informed and under-served in regard to menopause (it was even worse for perimenopause), and there was so much (and continues to be) so much stigma around it. It just wasn’t right. And I got angry. Again. Really angry.

This is when my outer pissed off old take-matters-into-my-own-hands lady met my inner plant-healing hippie witch and it changed my life.  

It changed my life because this led me to create MIGHTY Menopause, a company with the mission of modernizing menopause. And the first thing I did was design my own supplement. One that includes chasteberry as well as other plant-based ingredients chosen specifically for the hormonal profile of early perimenopause. I can confidently say it’s designed with such intention that it is like no other supplement out there. Hundreds of women have used it and found relief.

It also led me to create a vision around elevating women as they age. Because this is more than  just menopause. It’s about getting women through menopause so that they can be radiant and vital as they age. I have visions of a new matriarchy and a world full of badass elder women.

I think about these things all the time. Perimenopause. Menopause. The new matriarchy. And I can thank my vulva for that. 

I can also thank my vulva because now I understand that I am (and all women are) worthy of modern innovations, sophisticated products, respect, investment and being taken seriously as we age. I am thrilled to be going through menopause because I know that it is just a stepping stone to being badass at 80. And that’s what I want to be when I grow up.

MIGHTY Menopause® Formula 4|5 is designed by a woman to deal with her own symptoms of early menopause for all the other women experiencing the same. TUENIGHT20 will get you 20% off.

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