I Always Travel With My…

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When traveling, we all have that one thing we wouldn’t dare leave home without —a pashmina to keep us warm or earplugs to tune out Loud Baby. We asked our contributors for that one special thing…

Baby Cashmere Blanket

When my son was born, we received a gorgeous cashmere baby blanket from Susan Lazar, the designer, who is a childhood friend of mine. It is gray with his horoscope sign (Scorpio) in white. He no longer needs it — he is 10 now —  but it is the perfect blanket to use on an airplane. It is easy to stuff into a backpack, and it is cozy, soft, warm and luxe.

Lauren Young

Moccasin Slippers

I ALWAYS fly with my old Dearform moccasin slippers. Beige, furry and a hand-me-down from my mom circa 1982, these slippers are on my feet before the plane takes off. I’ve gotten some funny looks from other passengers but I don’t care. A few years ago, I lost my lucky slippers before a long haul to London, so I picked up a pair of black moccasins at the last minute. Wasn’t the same, and it was the bumpiest flight I can recall.

Cheryl Squadrito

Sea Bands

I don’t go on boats but I get claustrophobic and airsick on planes. I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect, but I don’t care. I’ve never stopped using Sea Bands since I bought them. And my iPod, so I can go to my happy place.

—Laura Pace Lilley


I always travel with a pair of flip-flops, no matter the season or the destination. You never know when you’ll face a ratty rug or a yucky shower.

Amy Barr

Store Catalogs

They are the BEST mindless reading a shop-a-holic can have!

—Catherine Weaver

Animal Figurines

I make a point of having an animal figurine in my purse every time I take a trip. A wedding or monument photo is much more exciting with a badger or a polar bear in the foreground, for one thing, and the ridiculousness of the gesture punctures my fear of forgetting something crucial; come what may, I have a little plastic animal at the bottom of my bag.

Lauren Oster

3 Bigelow Lemon Lift tea bags

There is nothing worse than bad tea on the road.

Diane Davis Otter

A Bikini

Because you never know when you might run into a hot spring or hot tub. I travel 60,000 miles a year and it always comes with me. And yes, it went with me on my trip to Iceland.

Suzan Bond

Hand Cream

It’s boring but it’s a must. I never leave the state without a tube of L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream. 

Susan Linney

My Favorite Hat

Despite matching nothing (it’s a baseball cap with a camo print with a Gator logo front-and-center), it’s the most comfortable hat EVER. And it’s invaluable for hiding the frizz, which is inevitable in travel. Go Gators!

—Emily Puccio


Because DUH.

Karen Gerwin

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