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Margit’s Note: Choose Your Own Adventure

I turn 50 in June. I’m supposed to be lying to you about that, but nah. How old am I? I’m this many. Five Zero. I’ve earned my stripes.

How does one celebrate half a century? I’ve been to a few fabulous 50 birthdays recently (remember, when you turn 50, many of your friends do too) — karaoke in a dive bar; 100 people sweating it out in a studio apartment, witnessing a friend (via Facebook) leap into the sky. My husband reminds me that I partied a little too hard and puked at my 40th. I’d rather not do that this year.

For this milestone, I think I’d prefer a few mini trips with close friends. I’m not the sort to heave myself out of an airplane or do a soul-seeking trek to Tibet — I’m a little major-adventure averse. I’m not even keen about driving a car, thanks to a decade-plus of living car-less-ly in NYC. But taking a long weekend to a new spot with one or two really close pals? That seems like a true gift. Cruising through the dusty roads of Austin, TX, exploring roadhouse music in a Thelma-and-Louise-style-minus-the-ending trek. Listening to the sound of crickets in the evening in upstate New York over a few bottles of wine. Exploring towns I’ve never been to (and probably never will again), surprising old friends. Small moments make my kind of adventure.

Adventures are all about curiosity, risk and, hopefully, balls-out fun. To have an adventure, you have to be willing to let go. It gets a bit trickier for some of us in mid-life, when we think we have more to lose. But for some, that’s exactly the reason to zip line through the jungle. From my vantage point, there are ways to minimize the risk and still leave room for surprise. Plan your itinerary, but know that maybe the best moments happen when you take your hands off the wheel. (Eek. But seriously, don’t do that.)

So maybe my mini trips with good friends are more like last week’s theme – comfort. But taking a little bit of familiarity to a new place, on a brand new journey, seems like the perfect amount of adventure for me.

This week our writers seek the unknown:

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p.s. Also, here’s a little early birthday present you could give me: My TueNight column Ovarian Rhapsody was nominated for a Webby award, and while it’s an honor to be nominated, heck, I want to win! So PLEASE take a minute to vote for me here. There are only two days left! I’d really, really appreciate it.

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  1. Shannon McClatchey

    My mother went ziplining in the Costa Rican rain forest at 75. I intend to follow in her footsteps. Happy Birthday Margit. I’m right there with you though I’m leaning towards Bali to celebrate the big 50.


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