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Margit’s Note: Discretionary Dollars

We renovated our apartment recently and I look at my geriatric cat who has a penchant for puking or crapping on beloved sections of new carpet and I think why on earth ever spend money on any thing.

Things are silly aren’t they? I mean, things do not bring us joy, no matter what Marie Kondo says. These days, I’d rather spend any “extra” cash that doesn’t go towards food, bills, laundry, doctor bills or this website on things that make a difference in my life and in other people’s lives. Experiences, travel, a trip to Austin with my friend Shelly for my 50th, giving back to people who need it. The state of our country has made me — and a lot of folks I know — regularly spend any extra cash on people asking for help, giving back to worthy causes, setting up monthly contributions, subscriptions to endangered newspapers and not as much on stuff. I can’t tell you the last time I bought a cute pair of jeans, and that’s saying something.

A friend wrote to me on Facebook: “I’m feeling particularly protective of my wallet during these times when the ACLU NEEDS IT. Eff Trump. I could put a new shower and skylights in my house for what that man is doing to me.”

Money is power — and silence has a price. Even in micropayments from millions of people, money can make a difference. I’m grateful to have the wherewithal to able to contribute anything and to be able to choose where my money goes.

When we reach our 40s/ 50s we (hopefully) start to consider — or panic — about how, why and where we’re spending our money. Which, yes, we probably should have been doing at 22. (Yeah, we didn’t believe it back then.) So for those of us without financial foresight — which, come on, is most of us — we present this issue.

This week, we’re looking at money from several angles, including how it affects our marriage and the balance of power between couples and how we’ve planned (or not planned) to save for a rainy – really rainy – day:

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(Image: Stocksy/ Kristin Duvall)

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