Margit’s Note: How Are You Getting There?

(Photo Credit: Helen Jane Hearn)

“Down below the street can you dig the steady beat it’s the subway. Subway!”

There’s this groovy Sesame Street musical bit with muppets-as-straphangers that still plays in my head, some 40 odd years later, as I venture underground. There’s still a whiff (and I do mean a whiff) of novelty to the journey.

Most days I loathe the commute, but on some special days — when someone’s not manspreading into my business or I haven’t entered a car where a kindly human has left a package of smell — I get a seat, pop out my Kindle and it’s actually quite pleasant.

But let’s be honest: more often I feel annoyed, I’m wedged in someone’s armpit and am just trying to find a wall to lean on so I don’t get kicked by the kid doing a backflip next to my head.

What time is it? Showtime folks, showtime.

As New Yorkers, we love to discuss our routes and travel methods. I could take the F train, but then do I have to change at West 4th? Maybe a Taxi. An Uber? Drive? Hell no. I could bike it. Or I could just walk. Fresh air and all.

This week we’re less about the route and more about the journey. Our stories take place on all manner of vehicles — planes, trains and automobiles and even a trip that happens with 5 people stuffed in a parked car.

Our commuters:

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