Margit’s Note: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

(Graphic by Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight)

Last weekend, I stood in front of a slew of bulb-emblazoned items and felt the rush of retail — I wanted it all. A tinsel pig. A glowing paper lantern. A stormtrooper tree skirt! (Seriously, so cool and actually quite tasteful.) I purchased the latter two, though I still covet the pig. Turns out my brother who lives in Philly bought two tinsel pigs. Weird sibling serendipity.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed put for Christmas. Maybe never? My husband and I are usually on the road to one of our family homes. Our own apartment decorations have only ever been teensy little Charlie Brown table trees and holiday cards on the fridge. This year, however, because of some unforeseen, aforementioned health-related snafus, I’ll be Brooklyn-based. And I figure if I’m going to feel like crap, I might as well Santa-up my surroundings.

This means, finally, a real TREE. The hubs and I nabbed the biggest we could find from one of those French Canadian guys who sell them on the sidewalk in front of Duane Reade. We lugged it up our walk-up, and it immediately drenched the room in evergreen… and of course many little needles. Heavenly.


For the first time, I’ve had to consider the placement of shiny balls versus kitschy ornaments and how many inches of glowing LED lights we need. (Three boxes and two trips to Target.) I finally made room for the half dozen nativities that my parents passed on to me a few years ago. I lit two fig and fir candles for some woodsy holiday aura. Maybe I’ll invite some local friends over for a spontaneous tree trimming party?

The possibilities are all flickering and multi-colored.

This week is the second edition of our holiday gift guide, with even more goodies from some of your favorite TueNighters:

May you all have wonderful, relaxed, healthy and happy holidays. In the meantime, I have a tinsel pig to move to my shopping cart.

Target tinsel pig

Peace to all,


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  1. Nancy

    Enjoy Xmas in NY! XOXO


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