(Photo Credit: Helen Jane Hearn)

Margit’s Note: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

(Photo Credit: Helen Jane Hearn)

In last week’s Body issue, we took a peek in the mirror and said, “Hey! You’re kinda hot, you. This week, in Body “part deux,” we are talking about our health — finally scheduling that checkup, getting our health in order and paying for a damn good massage.

(As I write this I am literally on my way to the doc. Aren’t you proud of me?)

Sometimes all the other priorities on our to-do list (kids, conference calls, just about anything else) trump our own well being. Let’s not do that anymore — ok?

To encourage us all to take better care of our bods, we are introducing a new health feature from Dr. Anatasia Liapis, a plain-speaking scientist with expertise in genetics and immunology. Think of her column like that What’s Happening to My Body? book your parents handed you during puberty — only now, we’re watching our bodies change in brand new ways. Wheee! For the inaugural edition, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Anastasia is debunking myths about mammograms.

We’ve also got a few snapshots from last week’s supremely fun TalkTueNight. Thanks to many of you for coming out and hearing our bodily tales, boldly told.

This week:

And we want to know what you love most about YOUR Body. Share here (and see what others have said!)

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