Margit’s Note: Orange You Glad Our Theme Is…

Choosing our  TueNight themes is not quite an exact science.

We Tuenighters, Adrianna, Karen, Darian, Justine and myself — a handful of Gen-Xers and a couple Millennial allies — meet via Zoom video conference weekly for a virtual brainstorm. What are we personally dreaming, mulling, posting and talking about? What matters to those of us over 35? What have our formal and informal surveys told us that you want to read about? In the last one you told us: Do-Over, Best Friend, First Job, Mourn, Renovate, Siblings, Aging. Check. Check. And stay tuned.

Some themes we like to do over and over like Sleep. Or Sleep. Never too much sleep.

Occasionally, the spirit just moves us to a word or phrase. Hence Tasty, Prince, Period, Vice, Wife, Boobs and, who could forget, Shart Week — an issue devoted poop. (Maybe we wanted to forget that…)

This week we wanted a word that combined Halloween, costumes, the omnipresent waft of cinnamon-and-pumpkin-infused items and, of course, orange-y politicians. Adrianna piped up, “Pumpkin?” We had that collective head nod. And so, Pumpkin was born. (Along with a quick search to realize Trumpkin is indeed a thing.)

So here are this week’s gourd-geous patch of tales:

Oh, and about that Best Friends theme: we’re doing that one in two weeks along with our next Talk TueNight event in Brooklyn. Please join us for an evening of wine, snacks, storytelling and conversation — a fantastic, casual evening and great way to connect with other lady dinosaurs like us. We’d also love it if you’d bring your bestie along.

In the meantime, happy carving!


(Photo collage Erica Hornung/TueNight)

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