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Margit’s Note: Take a Bite

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The word “Foodie” is super annoying, right? You imagine a person obsessed with the cultivation of cuisine — how it looks, smells, is plated, is grown, is sourced, is, of course, chronicled for social media.

A foodie doesn’t eat to live; a foodie lives to eat… that avocado toast donut mash-up. (It’s a real thing.)

Credit for the term is hotly debated, but most cite Gael Greene as first to coin the term in a 1980 New York Magazine article. She writes of a character who “slips into the small Art Deco dining room of Restaurant d’Olympe … to graze cheeks with her devotees, serious foodies.”

Since then, the word has spawned three million Instagram accounts and a smattering of Portlandia episodes.

Is there room for a much less discerning foodie? I’ve been known to entertain that day old slice of pizza or the questionable street cart egg sandwich. I was in Philly this past weekend, and whenever in my hometown, I must acquire a hoagie. A Wawa shortie to be exact. A true foodie will tell you that Dallesandro’s or Sarcone’s or Chickie’s are the premier hoagie joints. But I don’t quibble — in fact I prefer the ultra customizable, smaller-sized, milder version at Wawa. Partly because Wawa represents home — it was the place we kids got our stash of candy, hung out for hours in the parking lot with our pals and it’s not something you can find in New York City. Foodie fare it ain’t, but it’s special to me.

And yes, I’ll live to eat that.

This week’s meal plan:

Sated and satisfied,


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