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Margit’s Note: Tattoo You (Not Me)

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I’m on a fast track to 50 and yet… when I half-jokingly ask my mother, as a preface to this issue, how she would feel if I got a tattoo she swiftly responds with a “No.”

Okay, Mom. What about a commemorative, post-chemo…


Despite Mom’s protestations, I’ve considered it. I just have zero idea of what I’d get. What’s worth a perma-doodle for my forearm? What witty, sums-it-all-up phrase could I see peeking out of a backless dress? (If I wore backless dresses.)

There are plenty of tattoos I see and think, “Now why didn’t I think of that??” See this week’s theme image for the perfect example.

Yet, nothing has me rushing to get needle and inked. More than likely, I’d get a tattoo, tire of it and end up with a Johnny Depp “Wino Forever” travesty. I have a poor track record with body modifications in general — a heavy, dangling feather earring in 10th grade resulted in a torn earlobe. I’ve been a clip-ons wearer ever since.

But never say never.


Okay, Mom, whatever.

This week, we have a packed issue for those have dared (or feigned) to get inked.

Permanently yours,


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