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(Graphic: Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight)

Margit’s Note: Votes, Valentines and Vuitton

This week we’re going for a 3-for-1 theme: Politics, Love and Fashion. With the primaries in full swing, Fashion Week taking over NYC tomorrow and Valentine’s Day around the corner, they all kinda go together in some strange way, don’t they? Just ask Derek Zoolander and Hansel who explained this eloquently on Weekend Update (“Bernie’s a big fan of the 99%. 99% off at J.C. Penny.”).

We love — or love to hate — our candidates, and we are so wrapped up in the way they present themselves. A comfy mauve pantsuit, a stacked high heel cowboy boot, a fluttering orange toupee. One minute a candidate is in vogue, the next she’s yesterday’s SNL skit. But we do our best to avoid the 24-hour Twitter-induced panic and remember who really deserves our vote. We travel to far-flung places to do the right thing, buck trends to stay true to the styles we love and share a stylish obsession with a candidate we’d never vote for.

Hailing from a family of staunch Republicans, I left for college with a (teeny) Ronald Reagan sticker on my boombox, only to have my artsy liberal radio station pals ridicule me as I argued the virtues of George H.W. Bush. (But I mean, come on, Dukakis??) Eventually, campus shantytowns, “Take Back the Night” marches, a mock trial with a friend portraying the anti-ERA Phyllis Schlafley and, I don’t know, punk rock all served to change my mind drastically.

Margit (top row, left) and classmates, senior year of high school, 1985

When we truly understand what we love and treasure, our fashionable fads fade and our true beliefs take hold. And hopefully that helps us make the right political choice.

Our stories this week:

Vote with your hearts, minds and manicures,


(Graphic: Helen Jane Hearn/TueNight)

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