Margit’s Note: Wait! One More Thing

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We are in the 11th hour of 2016 with 11 more days left. (I don’t even want to ask, “Well what else could happen in 2016?” because, heaven knows, a ton.)

So what’s left to do? Did you send out your holiday cards yet? Well, DID YOU. No judgment. No panic. They can be New Year’s Cards….again.

Look, there’s no shame in waiting until the last minute. This column is usually pieced together the day before or very often the day of. LIKE TODAY. You’d never know, right? Don’t answer that.

Panic-induced inspiration can be a beautiful thing. Pondering and meandering left behind, you’re only left with the core task at hand and it must be done. And who cares if you bought those gifts on Christmas Eve; no one’s the wiser and you got it done, didn’t you?

Good things can happen at the end of the year: You spend money on your health savings account, you give final donations to worthy causes (a few we might suggest), you tip your mail carrier, you dream about 2017 and a much better year.

So, let’s do this. In the holiday spirit, let’s make these final 11 days count people. We have a few more things to say in 2016 and a few tips to help you get through these last few days:

And a quick note: We’ll be off for a few weeks and back in action January 10th. Have a wonderful, restful holiday everyone. You deserve it. And prayers for peace in this all-too-upsetting world.



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