Media & News: Women Who Inspire Us

Amanda de Cadenet

By Kristin Booker

“I’m constantly inspired by de Cadenet’s candor and ability to inspire women to help each other. She’s unafraid to show her own struggles with everything from former addictions to body image.”…

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Hoda Kotb

By Heather M. Graham

“She kept going she says, because ‘I do think if you are tenacious, somebody will hire you.'”…

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Cindi Leive

By Robin Marshall

“She tweets from the runways of Milan…and she cooks up Super Bowl chili for 40 guests, hosts raucous sleepovers for rascally eight-year old boys.”…

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Elizabeth Vargas


By Susan Linney

“As a women in recovery myself (and as one who writes openly about my illness), Vargas is a not only a role model, but a constant reminder of the importance of truth.”…

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Christine Haubeggar


By Mercedes Cardona

“Long before publishers knew that putting J. Lo or Sofia Vergara on the cover would sell a magazine, the then 28-year-old law school graduate tried to fill the gap.”…

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Editor’s Note: 38 Women Over 38 Who Inspire Us

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