Allison Gary

Meet Alison Gary, a Gen-X Blogger for Grown-Ass Women

Age: 46

Basic bio: Alison is a professional blogger, freelance writer, and the person behind Wardrobe Oxygen, a site and community offering real-life style for grown-ass women.

Beyond the Bio: I always prided myself on being a hard worker, but when I turned 40 I realized how exhausted I was, and how I defined myself by my job instead of my soul. I quit my job in corporate America at the end of 2017 and since then have been self-employed as a blogger and occasional freelance writer. I taught myself how to be a smart worker, not a hard worker and at 46 finally have the breathing room to figure out who I am beyond what I do for a living.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? I carry fewer fucks with me from day to day. But at 46, I do keep finding some hidden in the back of my closet. I’m working on paring down my collection. But I know myself better, like myself better, and believe I am deserving of good things in life.

Here’s her TueNight 10:

  1. On the nightstand: About 500 different lip balms, a handful of different creams and oils, CBD, my journal, and my Kindle. I’m usually toggling between a book that is explaining my life or body at this age, a book educating me, and fiction that takes my mind off everything.
  2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Growing, changing, singing along to the radio/Spotify, subscribing to magazines.
  3. Jam of the minute: “Like I Used To“ By Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. It has been an earworm for months and I’m okay with it.
  4. Thing I miss: My 20-something knees and life before everyone had a way to document every minute.
  5. ’80s crush: I had 43 photos of Kirk Cameron taped to my bedroom ceiling, but my heart truly went to Corey Haim.
  6. Current crush: I gotta say my husband still makes me swoon…
  7. Latest fav find: Living Proof has a new formula for their dry shampoo and it doesn’t make my brown hair ashy and doesn’t make it feel like Barbie hair.
  8. Last thing you lost: I’m always losing my lipsticks, my earbuds, and my train of thought!
  9. Best thing that happened recently: I recently signed a lease on an office space! It feels so legit after being self-employed and working from home for four years!
  10. Looking forward to: Travel. One trip planned, two more being planned, and hopefully many more to come!

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