Liz Lightner
Thinking about death and dying helps us appreciate life even more! Liz (literally) hanging out in Switzerland last month.

Meet Liz Lightner, an End-of-Life Doula

Age: 48 and feeling great, mostly!

Basic bio: Liz is an end-of-life doula who is passionate about encouraging folks to have courageous conversations and get their advance directives done, sooner rather than later, or worse, never. She’s also teaching an end-of-life planning workshop for TueNighters that starts on October 6. 

Beyond the bio: Shortly after getting vaccinated, I also got on statins for “genetic” high cholesterol and on HRT for peri-menopause in the same week… and, then I needed a 5-pack of reading glasses because I kept losing the two pairs I had. Hello middle age! Given the non-events of last year, it was time to plan some trips. Costa Rica in the spring and Switzerland in the summer. Here’s to living in the present, while looking toward and planning for the future! 

What makes you a grown-ass lady? Knowing, but having to occasionally remind myself, that the only things I can control in life are my actions and reactions. And to not hit enter too quickly while replying to a comment on Facebook; better still, just delete it.

1. On the nightstand: Picture of my husband, dried eucalyptus, coaster, cloisonne box that was my father’s, eye mask, and the fan remote for those pesky hot flashes!

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Doing yoga and eating gummy bears, not necessarily done separately.

3. Jam of the minute: Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.”

4. Thing I miss: FOOD! Living in rural Wyoming, I miss various “ethnic” restaurants (Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.).

5. ’80s crush: Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Poster on the wall and all!

6. Current crush: My husband… and our 4 dogs.

7. Latest fave find: Long-sleeve denim shirt from consignment store in Jackson, WY.

8. Last thing you lost: Rotates between keys, phone, sunglasses, readers, and dog collars.

9. Best thing that happened recently: Switzerland trip and my 80-year-old mother AND her dog recovering from Delta Covid!

10. Looking forward to: My booster shot, next international trip, and more lively discussions about end-of-life.

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