Lynne Lucas

Meet Lynne Lucas, a Gen-X Influencer Who Does Aerial Yoga

Basic bio: Lynne is a tech chick and Gen-X lifestyle and travel influencer. Her passion is living lavishly and outside traditional conventions. As a Brand Ambassador for FlyAgeless, she represents a community of creatives over the age of 40 who embrace the flyness and hipness that come with not restricting your lifestyle to any outdated boundaries associated with age.

Beyond the bio: By title I’m a Sr. Technical Program Manager for a Fortune 100. My job is to drive technical teams past blockages and discomfort into delivery. I drive people to reject negative ideas about ageism, gender, or racial biases, including their own internalized discomfort. My goal is to help people realize their discomforts can inhibit their own lives, and that living lavishly is about a mindset of abundance, without the restrictions that those age, gender and racial biases can create.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? Conformity never worked well for me.  Like, never…lol. I tried it and flopped. So doing things that others would never do, out of traditional order, against conventional wisdom, is my superpower. I wish I could convince more women to try it.

Here’s her TueNight 10:

  1. On the nightstand: 50-11 power cords, so the iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, GoPro et al charge while I recharge. 
  2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Evolving and pivoting. If something doesn’t serve me well I either pivot or evolve.
  3. Jam of the minute: “Figurine” by Wayne Snow.
  4. Thing I miss: The beach. And bikinis.
  5. ’90s crush: Method Man. 2022 Crush? ALSO Method Man. The man became even finer. How is that possible?
  6. Current crush: Him, him, and him. Who, you ask? They’re over 45, bearded, and fizine!
  7. Latest fav find: My Schutz Platforms (sold out). Ruthie Davis sells some bada$$ ones as well. 
  8. Last thing you lost: My desire to manage perception. And some pesos I brought back from MX. 
  9. Best thing that happened recently: 10 days relaxing in Atlanta with my family. Ease is seriously underrated.
  10. Looking forward to: Traveling to Ghana before the end of 2022 with like-minded ladies from all across the US. Stay tuned 😉

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