Meet Shelly Rabuse, a Roller-Skating Jewelry Maker

Age: 55

Basic bio: Shelly Rabuse is a Philly area gal who likes to roller skate, thrift shop, and is always doing something artsy or crafty!

Beyond the bio: Whether you’re looking for a new piece of artwork to adorn your beautiful body or would like to talk crafts and creativity with another badass Gen-X woman, hit Shelly up on Insta. She’s fun, funky, and a very relatable TueNighter.

Did you know she joined a roller derby team when she was 46? Read all about it.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? I know I am a grown-ass lady but deep down I think I am still a goofy 20 year old.

1. On the nightstand: My Kindle, a blinking alarm clock that I need to reset, the Apple TV remote if I’m lucky and a big jar of cream.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Shazamming every great song I hear, buying cool boots, kissing my dog (because he’s so soft and sweet!)

3. Jam of the minute: Blondie – Parallel Lines

4. Thing I miss: Sitting on a plane without a stifling mask.

5. ’80s crush: Harrison Ford all day, every day. Not the gruff and grumpy guy today but Han Solo era :heart_eyes:

6. Current crush: I wouldn’t kick Clive Owen out of bed.

7. Latest fave find: Konjac noodles!

8. Last thing you lost: Besides my dignity?

9. Best thing that happened recently: I went to Rome with a friend!

10. Looking forward to: Fall – cool weather, pumpkins, sweaters!

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  1. Joe Lopchinsky

    I purchased a really cool piece she (you) (her) (That gal) created at the Birds of a Feather show at Wallingford Arts Center. The piece just makes me smile and I stormed the room on opening night to make it mine!!!.
    P.S. I am 69 going on 30 and the can roller skate the freaking wheels of the boots.
    Be well. and thanks for the crow art.


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