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Mom, The Costume: When My Daughter Wants to Dress Like Me

TN85_dressup_mom_270aDressing up is one of my daughter’s favorite pastimes. In her seven years, she’s logged a lot of sartorial hours.

It started with Princess gowns, because when isn’t it a good day to be royal?

Then came Halloween – kangaroo, fairy and vampire are her faves.

And of course there’s The Dressup Bag.  A jam-packed pink canvas number that holds the aforementioned Halloween costumes, plus boas, scrubs, leotards, pearls and at least four tiaras. It’s a winner for almost any playdate.

But it’s the Mommy Costume that always gets me. When out of nowhere trots in my little 4-footer donning one of my dresses or sweaters or nighties, invariably with a pair of very high heels. Sometimes there is also a hat. Occasionally, lipstick.

It’s really, really cute. And, in my wistfully analytical moments, it’s a good reminder, too. For her, “being me” is fun. It’s still something to aspire to, up there with princesses and gold medal gymnasts. In those moments my heart aches just a little, because I really hope she always thinks so.

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Jenna Briand

Jenna Briand is a writer, editor and digital strategist who’s been at it all since the 90’s. She resides happily in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Jenna is making an effort to tweet more frequently @jennabriand.

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  1. Adrianna says

    I love this — I have two daughters and have felt the same thing. It just hits you in the gut. I’m so happy when they want to be me (they “go to work”) because it makes me feel like despite my faults, I’m a good role model.

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