Black Subu slippers with white polka dots
Black Subu slippers with white polka dots

The Happiest House Shoes

Confession: I used to think slippers were silly. I mean, why have a separate pair of indoor shoes when you can just go barefoot or pad around in socks? But recently three things happened that changed my mind: 1) My upstairs neighbors’ toilet decided to pick a fight with my ceiling, setting off a messy chain reaction of demolition, reconstruction, and chaos; 2) I’m spending more time at my grandmother’s house, where for some reason every necessary supply lives in the cold, dusty garage; and 3) I stumbled across a link to these Subu slippers.

Normally I hem and haw before I add something to my cart, but when I saw the polka dot ones? Sold! They are warm without making my feet sweat, so comfortable I forget that I’m even wearing them, and when I do look down at my feet, the happy Yayoi Kusama-esque dots make me smile. 

Many years ago, I decided to scandalize the local mod scene at an event where everyone was dressed in their finest vintage ‘60s attire. Instead of wearing pointy, uncomfortable flats with my vintage dress and fishnets, I wore my Adidas Sambas. Once this pandemic ends, if I’m ever invited to a fancy event again, I’m rolling up in Subus.

In the meantime, they’ll come with me to the hair salon.

Margaret under the dome at the hair salon, wearing her Subu Slippers

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  1. Stacy Morrison
    Stacy Morrison

    Love them!


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