Poop in Pop Culture: Top 10 Moments

It’s alleged that All in the Family was the first series to break ground (or is that wind) and actually flush a toilet during prime time. Since then, potty humor has become a staple of book, movie and TV giggles. Here are 10 of our most memorable poop-culture moments. We’ve even given them “stinky and offensive” ratings to give you fair warning before watching the link. Our #10 was so bad, we couldn’t even link to it. That’s what Google is for people.

Did we miss some of your stinky faves? Share them in the comments below!

1. David Sedaris – Big Boy

A hilarious tale of the turd that just won’t flush — everyone’s worst nightmare. “The tank refilled, and I made a silent promise. The deal was that if this thing would go away, I’d repay the world by performing some unexpected act of kindness. I flushed the toilet, and the beast spun a lazy circle. “Go on,” I whispered. “Scoot! Shoo!” I claimed a giddy victory, but when I looked back down, there it was, bobbing to the surface in a fresh pool of water…” Originally published in Esquire and part of his collection of essays in Me Talk Pretty One Day, (Little, Brown and Company, 2000). Here it is in it’s chunky glory.

Stinky and offensive: 2 poos

2. Caddyshack – Doody in the Pool

A Baby Ruth bar is casually flung in the pool creating mass hysteria. (“Spalding no!” “Doody!”) Of course, Bill Murray has the last laugh.

Stinky and offensive: 2 poos

 3.  Trainspotting – Worst Toilet in Scotland

We were utterly grossed out by Ewan McGregor’s fantasy ride down the world’s dirtiest feces-filled loo, set to the tune of Bizet’s aria “Carmen — Habanera.”

Stinky and offensive: 4 poos

4. Family Guy – Peter Poops in Bed

“When you poop in your dreams, you poop for real.”

Stinky and offensive: 1 poo 

5. South Park – Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Barely needs an introduction, the South Park boys little brown friend in a Santa hat saves the day (and leaves poop stains along the way). “Howdy Ho Kyle!”

Stinky and offensive: 3 poos               


6. Seinfeld – George and His Toilet Reading

George Costanza takes a book of French Impressionism into the toilet and the bookstore forces him to buy it. “I find the soothing pastoral images very conducive to…”

Stinky and offensive: 2 poos

7. Al Roker Sharts at the White House

Where do we begin? One month after his gastric bypass surgery, Roker bravely (on camera!) describes how he had to go commando after an “incident.” Al Roker: “A little something extra came out.” NBC Interviewer, Nancy Snyderman: “You pooped in your pants.” Al Roker: “I pooped my pants.”

Stinky and offensive: 3 poos 

8. Along Came Polly – I Sharted

Perhaps the first ever filmic reference to our namesake theme this week, as relayed by thespian Philip Seymour Hoffman. “This is serious, I just sharted”

Stinky and offensive: 3 poos

9. Bridesmaids – The Bathroom Scene

Food poisoning and taffeta do not mix. The film — and maybe the scene —put Melissa McCarthy on the map, and reminded audiences that so-called “chick flicks” can be just as toilet-minded as any. Just the phrase “was it the grey lamb or weird chicken?” or “Jordan almonds,” for that matter, can make us gag.

Stinky and offensive: 4 poos 

10. Pink Flamingos – Divine Eats It

Director John Waters’ low budget schlock-shocker shows drag queen — a.k.a. “Filthiest Person Alive” — actually eating dog doo. Has there ever been a rival to this vile moment? We don’t think so.

Stinky and offensive: 5 poos
  Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.33.15 PM

Tell us: What are we missing in the pantheon of poop moments? (Sorry.)

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9 Responses

  1. Carolyn

    Ok. Is it wrong that I find all this poop talk amusing?

  2. Margit Detweiler
    Margit Detweiler

    NO! We’re glad you do. Thanks Carolyn

  3. Susan Linney
    Susan Linney

    By far my favorite. Even over my OWN article 🙂 Pop culture and poop — what’s not to love?

  4. Margie

    Brilliant, hilarious and breathtaking (literally, for me) compendium of sharking moments. Thanks for the freeing laughter!

  5. kathy

    Living in and near philly, this subject is way obviously stinky…. walking quickly home from work to go down a ginko berry strewn street on a beautiful crisp autumn day and then, phew….stinko. And the added ‘phlarts’ (which is what they call an arts program here) and we then drive past the biggest clothes pin – definitely a giggle to cry laughing subjects, which of course released a toot.

    keeping it classy – http://www.poopourri.com

  6. Rachel

    One moment I just thought of is the awful “truffle” scene from American Wedding where Stiffler loses the wedding ring and the dog eats it. Meanwhile, he’s waiting for it to be poo’d out so he can take it to clean up. He wraps the evidence in a little truffle paper/liner and the bride’s mother catches him and says how much she loves chocolate truffles and wants a bite. Instead, he downs the dung himself, declaring, “nooo, mama don’t want this!” Hilarious 🙂

  7. Adrianna Dufay
    Adrianna Dufay

    I know it’s not exactly the same, but I will always, always, crack up when I think of the chili scene from Blazing Saddles. Classic.

  8. Molly

    The latrine swim in Slumdog Millionaire.

  9. Cherisse Gardner

    And now you can add this, why astronauts dshouldn’t eat beans – http://youtu.be/9WoM2bHfr48


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