Seeing Red: 8 Things That Say I Love (Or I Hate) Valentine’s Day

Maybe you love Valentine’s Day. Maybe you hate it. Or maybe you just don’t care. But like it or not, the holiday exists, and it’s hard to avoid the cavalcade of cards, balloons, flowers and — to be honest — junk that infiltrates the stationery and flower stores during late January and early February.

Regardless of how you feel about the holiday, there is one thing you can do to embrace it, which might actually boost your mood: add a dash of red into your wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you’re supporting the lovey-dovey holiday; rather, wearing a shot of crimson might just make you feel a little brighter during these drab winter months.

We’re also aware that you may LOVE to HATE Valentine’s Day, and if that’s the case, we’re fully prepared with four hilarious pieces that will be right up your alley. So whether you love or hate Saint Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something from this list that will appeal.

Say Anything With Red

Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Trucker Jacket,, $68
A stylish, fun statement maker, and a reminder the spring is (sort of) right around the corner.

Echo Modal & Silk Scarf,, $118
Silk and jersey (arguably two of the softest, coziest fabrics) combine to create this lovely 80″ long scarf.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Stingray Embossed Belt,, $38
Belts are the best because they allow you to add color to any type of outfit in an instant. This red stunner would look fabulous around the waist of your favorite black dress or with pair of jeans

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneakers, $55 Sure there’s nothing like a pair of red pumps. But oh, our aching dogs! These days we’re (more often) opting for sneaks — this classic pair of Chuck Taylors look (and feel) good on more or less everyone.

Say “This Holiday Sucks” With Red

Bittersweets,, $10 per can
This can of Anti-Valentine’s Day conversation candy is the perfect way to make your true feelings clear. (Messages include “I Want Half,” “Do My Dishes” and “Tradin’ You In.”)

American Apparel Cupid is Stupid Valentine’s Day T-Shirt,, $34Sure, it’s silly, but we kind of love the sassy redhead and her “I take no shit” stance.

Heart Knife Block,, $98
We’ve all had our hearts stabbed a few times in our lives. Here’s a great way to get a little imaginative revenge — and make a great dinner at the same time!

Dirty Rotten Flowers,, $29-$33, varies per bouquet
This one’s a little on the vengeful/stalker side, but it scores major points for originality. The concept is simple: you can send someone you (presumably) are not-so-thrilled with a beautifully packaged bouquet of decomposing flowers. Other options: the “Bad Lay”: a necklace (well, lei — get it? Ha!) made from dead orchids, or “I Love You, Not”: a dozen crushed up carnations accompanied by a torn up teddy bear.

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6 Responses

  1. Editor’s Note: I’m Too Sexy For This Post | Tue Night

    […] Susan gives us four items to celebrate Saint Valentine and four to scorn him. […]

  2. Marge

    Just reading about these gift ideas gave my vengeful heart a boost!  I want that heart knife block all to myself.  Thanks, Susan, for these effective and witty ideas!

  3. Susan_Linney

    @Marge Thank you! Hope you don’t feel the need to send anyone rotting flowers, though:) But if you do, the option is there! 


  4. Joyce_Holly43

    Is it terrible that I want to send those dead flowers to my ex? That’s not something a 40-something woman does….or does she?

  5. AdriannaDufay

    Joyce_Holly43  That’s a really good question… I LOVE the tattered bear.

  6. Susan_Linney

    Joyce_Holly43  I don’t know…like I say in the post it seems a bit “stalker-ish”, but it’s also a damn original idead. I say, go with your gut. Or weigh the “gift” with how much he’s really hurt you.

    Or just do it. Life is short.


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