Stacy’s Note: Breaking the Habit

This is not particularly good news for many of us, as we teeter-totter on the seesaw of Good Habits and Bad Habits, trying to adopt the former and shed the latter in a way that will balance out, making us one step (or, okay, 375 FitBit steps) closer to our imagined ideal.

The data we collect may tell one story — such as the symbiotic relationship between my recent weight gain and my also-recent inability to go more than one night a week without a drink or two with dinner — but it’s the other stories these habits tell that we are after this week at TueNight.

The stories we tell ourselves as we wrassle with these habits. Such as…

My latest bout of Daily Habits to Track is a pretty standard list:

  • No coffee
  • Yes green smoothie
  • Walk, Run or Bike
  • Ten minutes of meditation (at least)
  • No alcohol
  • Read for an hour
  • 7.5 hours sleep
  • Easy on the bread there, sister

But the story it tells is that I am going through a huge transition: moving from 26 years of full-time, deadline-driven work running large teams to now working, or ahem, trying to work from home, alone, on a self-guided project with no real deadlines or deliverables. Yet.

So the silly little chart I made looks a little bit to me like boundaries and order, with its open boxes waiting for Xs or maybe even golden stars to mark off each and every baby step toward managing these wide-open spaces I find myself in. And to give me a simple way to say, “Yeah, man. I succeeded at something today” until I get used to the cadence of this brand-new life.

And yeah, I’m gonna start using that chart. Tomorrow. Or maybe next Monday. Because Monday is a better day to start things, right? Or maybe after the holidays, because, jeez, it’s hard to be working on healthy habits right now.

Plus I have a habit of procrastinating, so…

I can’t quit you,


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  1. Alexandra Rosas

    Such a thrill to be featured. And this subject, one that is on my mind every day of my life.

  2. Lindsay Bell (@belllindsay)

    Oh. My. GOD. I am THE world’s worst procrastinator. I blame it on spending 20 years in deadline driven TV production. Though, most likely my personality was already set and that’s what drew me to that profession in the first place. And “easy on the bread there, sister” made me laugh out loud! 😀 Thanks again for the opportunity, Stacy!! Cheers, Lindsay


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