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My System: Changeable Chicken

Who: Diane Davis Otter

System: “Just about every Sunday night I make what I call “Changeable Chicken,” preparing me for a week of healthy and quick meals ahead.  I adopted this technique from Jason Denton, founder of panini pioneer ‘Ino in New York’s Greenwich Village.”

Here’s Her Step-by-Step:

1. Pre-heat a grill pan/grill press or panini press to medium-high heat.

2. Place two thin-sliced chicken breasts each on rectangles of aluminum foil. (Make as many as you want.)

3. Drizzle on some olive oil and rub in salt, pepper and any kind of seasoning spices you like. Flip chicken over and repeat.

4. Fold the foil into a packet, seam side up. (You can actually do this hours ahead and the chicken will be more flavorful for it.)

5. Cook on pan or press, seam side up for about 6 minutes. (Use a thermometer to test for temps at 165 degrees.)

6. After the chicken cools a bit, store it in your fridge in the foil packets, seam side up again. Saving the juices to use with the chicken is key!

Now the system really kicks in: “Monday I can chop in some chicken and throw it in a container with some vegetables for a lunch salad. Tuesday night dinner is pasta, broccoli, chicken and some parmesan cheese.

Wednesday’s Chinese takeout food that skimps on meat gets some Changeable Chicken tossed on my plate, too. And Thursday is chicken taco night.”

Why It Works: ” I get to put together healthy meals all week with time to spare to sit back with a glass of wine to enjoy them.”


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