My System: I Dress to Match My Makeup (Not the Other Way Around)


Some people, like me, wear the same damn makeup every day. Mascara-foundation-lipstick, repeat.  And the last thing I do is slather makeup on my face before heading out for the day. This beauty expert, however, does it in reverse.

Who: Elke Von Freudenberg – celeb makeup artist & eyebrow specialist, NYC

System:  ”I do my makeup based on how I feel that morning and then choose my outfit based on my makeup, ” says Elke. “I’ve always gotten way more excited over my makeup look than what I am actually wearing.”

And then you carefully put your clothes on? “Yes. I don’t really have a strategy for that.”

How many different “looks” do you have? “I have 3 basic looks that I vary:

1. My pretty, natural, run-around-town errands look, with lipgloss, a touch of blush, mascara.

2. My business look: Foundation, a neutral lip, blush and a smoky bronzed eye

3. A more made-up look for evening or events, with a darker eye and a glossier lip.”

And then how many variations on makeup? Infinite.

Doesn’t that get expensive? Not for Elke. When she’s not plucking or primping, Elke’s running her Beauty Blog network, an exclusive (blogs have to be invited to join) one-stop-shop for beauty blogs. It has drawers full of free beauty swag. “I can’t remember the last time I bought makeup.”

Favorite brands? “Love Mac’s lip glosses, Wet n Wild blushes & bronzers. Cargo eyeshadows.”

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