My System: The Perfect Pantry

Who: Don Gaile, an award-winning filmmaker, food lover and entrepreneur. He says he’s been a stickler for uniformity “ever since I wore my first clip-on-tie to kindergarten photo day.”

System: To create the perfect pantry, visual uniformity was key. Don says he first had to amass the exact same containers. He found the perfect container in the ClickClack brand. “I ordered them straight from New Zealand when it appeared I bought out [all NYC stores].” says Don.

How many do you now have?“83.”

Wow. Ok, this system must really work for you! “It solves two problems. 1. Aesthetics: Just because it’s behind a door doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be beautiful and clean. 2. Organizational clarity: I know what I’m out of and know when to buy more rather than attempt to open a box only to find a scant of an ingredient. Also, I can fit a lot more in my pantry by eliminating oversized boxes.”

Any system to your labeling? I’m assuming it’s alphabetized. Can you share your funniest label? “Of course they’re all labeled with a P-touch. Lower case lettering. Uniform. Funniest label is ‘cream of wheat’ but that’s not exactly funny, more endearing. I take my labeling seriously.”

Does anyone think you’re weird for doing it? ”I get a lot of speechless looks. I’m the regular person’s Martha Stewart.”

Anything else you’d like to share about your system? “You should see my sock and underwear drawers.”

Don’s pantry (photo: Don Gaille)

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