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My System: How to Have Perfect Hands

Lauren shows off her hands. (Photo: TueNight)

Who: Lauren Young, Wealth Editor, Thomson Reuters

System: Brooklynite Lauren Young has had a love affair with her hands for as long as she can remember. Below are her tips to caring for and maintaining perfect paws.

What products do you use?  “Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Fragrance Free, and Essie nail polish. I usually like Essie’s Pink Glove Service. I keep hand cream by my bed, on my desk at work, and in my bag.”

What’s so great about that hand cream? “You just need a dab – it’s very thick and rich. I also use it on my feet. It creates a wonderful seal to protect skin from soap and cold weather.”

 How long have you had this love affair with your hands?  “I’ve always had long, very hard nails, so I’m lucky. I probably started using this hand cream in high school when I worked at Gladwyne Pharmacy (outside of Philly) and got to try lots of products. All of the women in my family have beautiful hands. My dad also has lovely hands.”

Did you ever think about becoming a hand model? “Several people have suggested it. I’ve shot several ads over the years, mainly for my parent’s jewelry business, but hand models have NO LIFE. You wear gloves, don’t cook or do anything fun. It’s not for me.”

 What do other people say about your hands “My friend Michelle is obsessed with them. She says I have pretty extremities. I also have nice feet, by the way. I just went on a first date with a guy who couldn’t believe how soft my hands were, he said they were like the bottom of a baby’s foot.”

What would you never do with your hands? “I’m really careful about breaking my nails, but I still do everything. I hate doing dishes. I always try to wear gloves.”

What do your hands say about you? “I take good care of my body.”

What tips can you give other people about taking care of their hands?

  • Moisturize at least twice a day, morning and night. ”It’s very important to care for your skin – not just your hands. I put on Neutrogena body oil after the shower and then I slather on lotion.”
  • Manicures are essential. ”I try to get one every week. Some people say the eyes are the windows to your soul, but I’m really unhappy when my nails look bad. I also get pedicures every three weeks or so. My toes are just as important as my fingernails.”

 What is YOUR system for keeping your hands?

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Lauren Young

Lauren Young is the Wealth editor at Reuters, where she oversees personal finance, wealth management and investing coverage. Formerly of BusinessWeek and SmartMoney, you can find her on Twitter: @LaurenYoung


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