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My System: Running With Manicure

Who: Lili Schwartz, Graphic Designer

System: ”Before I go running, but after I tie my sneakers, I put on nail polish. Then my nails dry while I run!”

Inspiration: “My husband hates the smell of nail polish so I had to put the polish on outside the house.” While twiddling her thumbs, literally, waiting for her nails to dry, she got inspired: “I needed to find an outdoor activity that didn’t require my hands. Since I often need motivation to run a few miles, having freshly polished nails at the end of a workout became a great incentive!”

Pitfalls? “This is a seasonal system. I don’t run outside in winter.”

Favorite polish color?  “Currently I’m wearing Milani’s NY Apple Red.”

Any polish work better than others? “All shades work, but I only apply one coat of color at a time. I don’t run far enough for base and top coats!”

illustration: Kat Borosky


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