My System: The Crazy Songs I Make Up For My Cat

Who: Martha Sullivan

Job: Designer for Hounds of Hell, clothing for dogs that rock. Hair stylist. Animal lover.

System: It has come to my attention that many of us have thoroughly embarrassing pet-feeding songs we sing to our animals. Martha Sullivan, pet clothing designer extraordinaire, is no exception. Here’s her pet-feeding-song system:

“I wake up. I put on the coffee, I open the can and Harry comes running. I let him sniff the food and lick it in the can while I sing a special song, which is all about his favorite flavor of Fancy Feast. It goes like this:

Ocean Whitefish Tuna Feast/ Is what Harry likes to eat/ Classic.

I say ‘classic’ because that’s the only one he likes.”

That’s quite an advertisement for Fancy Feast! Have you always had songs for your animals? “Oh yeah. I remember hanging out under the dining room able with my brother and our dog and singing to the tune of Paradise City, “Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the Billie is Chilly.” Cause our dog’s name is Billie, Bilbo, you know… It’s all about how our dog likes to chill.”

Any other songs for Harry?  ”Saucy cat. Harry is a saucy cat. Harry is a saucy, Bossy, deliciously naughty. Saucy cat.”

Ok, I get the idea. What breed of cat is Harry? ”He’s a saucy cat.”

Not personality, breed! “Oh he’s a tabby. Classic short hair. Classic.”

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photo: Aaron M. Cohen


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