Graphic by Divya Gadangi

March Issue: Rise and Shine

At the Oscars Sunday Night, Frances “the fiercest” McDormand asked all the nominated women to rise from their seats. “Look around, ladies and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed.” It was an incredibly powerful sight to see multiple women poke up across the vast theater (also disheartening that in that huge crowd, there weren’t more.)

We sure do have tales to tell.  This is our moment. Women are rising up and speaking their truths — whether adding to the empowering, system-changing #metoo chorus or depicting women not just in their glory, but in their struggles as McDormand did in Three Billboards. These are not the stories we always want to tell — these are the stories we have to tell, the ones that make us whole.

In our issue this month, we explore all the different kinds of power women find when they rise up, from finding a strength after the destruction of a marriage; letting childhood hopes and dreams wash away in rising tides; or even simply embracing the delicious, sexy joy of getting a rise out of yourself.

And we can’t wait to hear, see, read and embrace more of what’s rising within us. As Andra Day sings, “We’ll rise up and we’ll do it a thousand times again.” Bring it on.

This issue:

Rise like the day y’all.



p.s. Next week I’ll be in Austin moderating a panel called the Age of Ageless — we’ll discuss the idea of the “perennial” (thank you Gina Pell), intergenerational workplaces, ageism and the idea that we’re not effing dead yet.

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